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PMF Motorsports began as a Rally Team in 1992. It started modestly in rounds of the NSW State Rally Championships, and then fizzled out altogether in rounds of the Australian Rally Championships.

Whilst the legacy of the rally team has been passed onto younger drivers who seem determined to actually win something, the original founders have gone on to foster mediocrity in Go Karts, Tarmac Rallies and circuit racing events through the Porsche Club of NSW.

No responsibility is taken by PMF Motorsports, its associates, affiliates or any other hangers on, for the editorial content of this publication. The prevailing tone of this publication is one of total irresponsibility in keeping with the finer traditions of the team.

Fact has been cleverly blended with a certain amount of journalistic licence to keep the reader entertained without any obvious departure from the truth.

Quotes attributed to other persons may not necessarily be as they were said, but it is envisaged that this is what they would indeed have said had they been given the opportunity.