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Sophia Prison Visit

June 8, 2016 1 Comment

Donna and I went and had 80 mins with Jock Palfreeman a young man placed in prison for 20 years for murder. Jock was very upbeat and positive in his nature. Jock has been a great advocate for change in the reform of this prison. His work has to be admired considering this is one of the worst prisons in Europe from a humanitarian point of view.

Sofia PrisonIn his early days in prison he suffered severely under the hands of a corrupt prison system. As of recent times the new administration has allowed Jock to implement reforms and general improvements to this prison, as Jock says not just for him but for all prisoners. We were very much impressed as we walked out of the prison. Getting into the prison took 3 hours plus an hour getting though security. We spent some time with a young Greek lady who has befriended Jock from the outside. She was helpful in getting us through the language barrier. Interesting enough Jock will be eligible for parole in 2018. He is reasonably upbeat with his chances. He seems to be keeping very busy with reform process.

After the jail visit we headed out of Sofia towards a town 20km before the Bulgarian Macedonian border Kjustendil. Bulgaria has been a pleasure to visit, the people are wonderful, the countryside green as. The food superb, Subway – McDonalds – KFC – Burger King – Pizza Hut and so on, Lynn you would have loved it too I am sure. What DID you eat? Strawberries maybe?

Looking forward to seeing the next few countries in particular Croatia.

Tonight we are bunked up in a 1 star hotel, neat and clean. We were going to camp however the rain up in the hills wasn’t looking good and Donna has a running nose already. Maybe camp tomorrow night.

2 nights now gone since starting this blog.

Yes we did camp and it was a great spot called Lake Matka, tonight we will be camped on another lake called Ohrid a beautiful lake side resort town, just so nice. Will look for a camp spot on the lake side perimeter later this afternoon, couple more beers 1st. Macedonia is a lovely small country of just 2,000,000 people. Vey hilly countryside.

Will head to Albania tomorrow should cross the border around lunchtime.

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  1. Hi Barrry and Donna

    I am an Australian, living in Sofia, and I want to go and visit Jock, but I haven’t been able to work out how to do it. Do you have any information which might help me? Can you put me in touch with the Greek lady who helped you?

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Blackwell

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