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News Flash! Ford is now 2WD

News update from the 12 December 2015

Yes folks, its official. The Ford has spoken loudly to its tormentor, and yesterday evening, became a 2WD vehicle. The rear tailshaft has been removed, meaning the car is now propelled by the front axle!

Ford being fixed

The poor old Ford is in Hospital

Either general deterioration of the drive shaft universal joints, since they were replaced unexpectedly in Katherine, Northern Territory, some 8 months and 40,000 kms ago…


… the little shortcut taken by the Cruiser, when negotiating a mountain pass, 2 days ago, was too much “off road” for the Ford. (Mind you, it was pretty extreme,and at one point the Ford had to take a different track as it couldn’t follow the Cruiser.)

Either way, the result is the same, and in Georgia, in the south, away from the capital, uni-joints for a clapped out Ford are thin on the ground!

There’s plenty of icy roads and mountain passes before we get to Istanbul for a well earned hibernation, so watch this space for a regular update on the number of times the old Cruiser has to “tow” the Ford to safety.

I’ve been telling the Ford tormentor for a while now that he needs a bigger front mudguard. You see, we tally scores on the Ford mudguard as to which vehicle has done what. The Ford tormentor uses desperate notations to fill up some space against the Cruiser. Whereas, the notes or tallies against the Ford are genuine issues.

You might think the Cruiser driver is gloating here. And you’d be correct.

Probably setting myself up for retribution, or whatever it’s called, but, as they say, “enjoy the moment”