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5th Week into China

July 3, 2015 1 Comment
Huashun Mountain

Don’t look down! On our Skywalk on Huashun Mountain

1st July to 3rd July 2015

Wow! What a country, every day brings new landscapes. It changes so often, spectacular one moment to incredible the next.

Wednesday 1st July 2015

We went to Xian where we visited the Terracotta Warriors. Wow what a day. They have been excavating these precious statues since 1974 and are still going. By the looks of it they could be still unearthing these magnificent Warriors for the next 100 years. The buildings housing these treasures are huge. These Chinese really know how to preserve their assets with the use of concrete and steel buildings. We spent about 4 hours wandering this attraction. Well worth every moment.

Thursday 2nd July 2015

Yesterday we visited a granite mountain called Huashun an incredible site. We caught a cable car to almost the top or within 200 to 300 metres from the top. The remainder of the track to the top was via concrete and granite steps, thousands of them.

What I have noticed is Donna‚Äôs strength improving due to many walks and lots of steps. She did well on this full day’s effort. Everybody felt the effects of all the steps. I think we all had extra beverage last night, Lynn even had a beer.

At the top of the mountain what they call the south peak 2,150 metres high was a cliff walk. Alan and I paid our 30 yuan each and lined up for the walk, literally walking on a sheer cliff face 2,000 metres high standing on some old wooden planks 300mm wide. Within 15 mins we were being harnessed up to commence the climb down to the wooden planks approx. The climb down was hairy enough going down maybe 15 to 18 metres in a crack in the granite, stepping on bits of 30mm x 30mm RHS steel section set into the granite walls, the last dozen steps were carved into the granite. They had 2 x zip lines to clip our harnesses into. As we commenced going down about 10 people were coming up, it really is a one way path. The people controlling this event just showed us how to clip on and clip off the harness safety belts, that was it. On the way down to the wooden plank walk we had to manoeuvre around and over these 10 people coming up. Nobody was in control… every person for themselves had to clip one safety strap onto the zip line and the 2nd strap went over and around the person in front of you to manage a passing act on the cliff face crevice.

Once we got to the planks it was awesome, no wind (thank goodness) – we even left our hats on. The view was just breath taking. The whole exercise took about 30 to 40 mins.

What took me back was how the bloody hell these Chinese built the infrastructure on the mountain and mountain peaks. There are fabulous concrete paths 2m wide all over the mountain, thousands of steps, lighting, etc. and yet where they built buildings was just bullshit.

Friday 3rd July 2015

Today was a more subdued day, driving 300km took a side track to China 2nd largest waterfall. Bit of a disappointment really considering we went 72km out of our way. Just part of the China experience we take it all in.

Tomorrow another 300 kms. We are getting closer to Beijing – probably be there in 3 more days. Have to wash the car prior to driving into Beijing, otherwise may cop a fine.

Until next time!

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  1. Adam says:

    No.No.No! Xanthe showed me the pictures of that granite cliff walk. Made the hair on my neck stand up. Not for this little black duck!

    Cracker of a trip guys

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