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Bali, Java, and onto Sumatra

May 10, 2015 0 Comments

Sunday, 10th May 2015

The ferry trip to Sape, on Sumbawa, was very good… BUT, when we got to Sape, we pulled alongside a bigger ferry, still loading.  1 1/2 hour wait!

This got us late on Sumbawa, so we drove and camped in the jungle, just above the rice paddies, just below the mountain. An awesome spot, though very damp underfoot. In the morning, the monkey families came closer and closer, but didn’t come right to the camp. Their swinging ability in the trees is unreal.

We’re honking through Indonesia. We all like Sumbawa. Villages, goodish roads, etc.

Bule Homestay in Lombok

Our Homestay in Lombok

In Lombok we stayed in a home-stay. It was relaxed. We dined out, slept in a room, etc.

We hit Bali late – ferry issues again! First night ended up on a black sand beach, as our target hotel area was booked out due to a surfing comp! Bali Pro.

Java was a trial of endurance. More industry, infrastructure not maintained. Clear to me that the govt doesn’t care about their people. Poor signposting is a feature. Also, if a new freeway is built, the direction signs are placed before the road is finished, and as you get to it, you’re then stopped by a barricade.

Sumatra is a bigger endurance challenge. We’ve found more beggars, nasty types and those who are up to mischief. Generally too lazy to earn a rupee, they bludge on the side of the road. The Who’s song, “Teenage Wasteland” sums it up for me.

Traffic in Sumatra

Sumatra Traffic

If the past 20 years of govt got organised, they could mobilise these people as a working, industrious nation, with good, well maintained infrastructure. The people do work in small communities, in an initiative, to get some things done. They work long hours, for $5 or less a day.

The extreme majority of Indonesians are gorgeous helpful honest people – in my opinion – more helpful than Australians.

Everywhere the traffic is unbelievable. I put a Santana CD on and go with the flow. Small single axle, 6 tonne payload trucks are everywhere. Hino, then Mitsubishi have the lions share of the market.

Beer and wine is illegal, as a huge % are Muslim, and are alcohol free. But we have regularly found black market outlets for beer, but the wine is close to impossible. We stayed at a hotel and the 12 dollar bottle of Sauv Blanc cost 60 dollars. There are many Muslims who love a drink.

It’s interesting that the Muslim faith can get beautiful Mosques built every few kms, but the govt can’t sort out the infrastructure.

Lynn said, and I agree, they should have communism here for a 100 years to get ’em on track.

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