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The Beautiful Country of Bulgaria

May 7, 2016 3 Comments

We’re camped near Rila, about 100kms south of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. This country is beautiful. The country is like the Central West of NSW, in Spring, after very good rain. The paddocks are green, growth to the side of the road is lush, crops are thick and even, and Glarus, the local beer is gorgeous, and 1.20 Lev per 500ml bottle!! (say a $1.20).

Look at what the Armstrongs are missing out on!

Look at what the Armstrongs are missing out on!

It’s very hard to start a fire, and you have to watch it till it gets going strong. Despite what the Lonely Planet says, we’ve found the roads to be exceptional. 90% of our driving is on B & C roads. We’ve found 2, broken asphalt roads, short 4kms sections, over low mountain passes, where the surface has failed and you have to tread carefully. The drivers are good. One wally today in an Audi 7 who thought he owned more road than I did, but a 25 year old land cruiser will win every time.

I love the subdued pride these Bulgarians have for their country. We have just visited Koprivshtitsa, central Bulgaria, in the highlands. It’s known for its small population giving a huge boost to the revolution against the Turks late 19th century. Another time, we watched the TV news, and it was all about Bulgaria!! Nothing about Isis, Usa, the Euro, just Bulgaria – awesome!

They love a drink, but rarely do you see a drunk. There are bludgers / beggars at street corners and supermarket parking areas. Lynn and I have a different view here of their treatment, but there is no social security, so the family unit is very important. These people must be bludgers for a good reason, and I don’t see a need to fund them.

The people also have that Russian, serious, look about them. But once you break that, and it’s easy, they are infectious laughers and jokers. A great sense of humour in our opinion.

I’d put Bulgaria up there with Georgia and Mongolia as “must see ” places.

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  1. Stoyan says:

    … and there are people in Bulgaria who sang “Waltzing Matilda” with you.

    Thank you for the nice words about my country. I hope my countrymen treated you with the respect and the hospitality you deserve.

    • alan says:

      yes Stoyan, we had a wonderful time in Bulgaria. Nothing but a welcome face and smile.
      I forgot to ask at your ethnylogical museum, but what are the underground brick tunnels we have been seeing while camping in Bulgaria? One was quite close to the Turkey/Bulgaria border.

      Best Regards

  2. Judy Veitch says:

    Hi, folks!
    So sorry we couldn’t farewell you in the appropriate manner but so glad to start reading of your adventures again.
    I have just finished reading a book by an Australian adventurer, Tim Cope, called On The Trail of Genghis Khan. He travelled from Mongolia, across Central Asia, to Hungary… with three horses and a dog. It took him a total of three years, including time he had to take back in Australia when his dad died.
    Many of his adventures seem to mirror your own, in a variety of ways. Having read of his encounters with a variety of people, I think I might be with Lynn, when discussing the people you see on street corners. generally I would say, don’t judge until you know their story.
    But hey, on a not so serious note, we had a great time travelling from Czech to Ireland, and I’m sure that Lee would totally agree with you about the beer: good, and cheap too!
    Lots of love to you both xoxo

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