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Chilean Red Wine in Cardboard Coffee Cups

August 6, 2016 1 Comment

We’re on a ferry from Nova Scotia, Canada to Newfoundland, Canada. Drinking rough Chilean red wine, from cardboard coffee cups!

The last four or so days have been pretty eventful. Not in the Central Asian way, with corrupt police and crazy traffic, but read this:

1. Flying Condor Air, Germany’s cheap carrier, we were on final, into Halifax Airport. A smooth approach (you know, no on/off with the throttle, like in a domestic China carrier). But near touchdown, I looked out the window and thought, “We’re going pretty quick”. Just after that, a huge roar, and the plane, under full landing flap, pointed skyward, and just shot back into the air at a terrifying angle. A little wobble, (that was the scary part), then up, up and away.

The Captain got on the radio, and told us that the runway selected for them (us), had too big a tailwind and if he’d tried to land we’d be in the swamp at the end of the runway.

I couldn’t get over how steep the exit was. These big planes have heaps in reserve when they lift off normally.

I have this little habit of clapping loudly whenever we make a landing in an aircraft. I think it came from flying China NorthWest, domestically in 1991! Any landing then was a sense of achievement! These days, on normal flights, most around you look as if you are a bit “odd”, as you clap, in particular Lynn as she hits me.

However this day was different. A spontaneous round of applause from passengers burst out as we swayed down the new runway, rocking about due to the crosswind. Maybe Lynn understands me a bit more. However it was a charming experience, more so because there was no tedious paperwork involved.

2. The baggage handlers must have only had one trailer, as it took 45 minutes to get the bags off the plane. We were the only flight arrival.

3. Customs. I’d filled out the form, not like normal. I declared nothing, no to every question. Little did I know Lynn had a pile of berries etc for her breakfast. Anyway, we ate them at the first b&b.

4. Hire car. I didn’t realise the hire car office/depot was located off site. So, a shuttle bus was required. Only one shuttle bus and a queue of 20 or so, so a couple of cycles, we were there. At the hire car office they didn’t expect everyone to come so quickly, so there was quite a delay getting a car. Done. Off we went.

Two days in a B&B, at Eastern Passage, Halifax – awesome. Then, driving north to a famous drive/trail and national park, on Highway 102, after a storm shower, I did, in cruise control, this exciting aquaplane, at 100km/h. (It’s called hydroplaning here, in Canada). Not in itself a death defying activity, but certainly got my attention.

It also got me thinking. The next day I looked at the tyres and they were knackered. Down to the ‘wear strips’. Nothing left.

We pulled into o a few places, until one in Cheticamp had a new set. Then, a negotiation with the hire firm. Some argy bargy, inspection to confirm the tread depth with one of their mechanics. Then the car hire company had no c card, or no account with the firm here where I was. I moved the phone slightly and asked Peter, the office guy, if Cheticamp had a police station, because that was my next move. Pete, with a smile, said, “Yes, there is” and that’s when they found their credit card!

5. Accommodation. Holy Dooley. Haven’t we turned up at a bad time. It’s absolutely peak season, everything is booked out! We payed $200 ferking dollars to stay in a trailer overnight!

Anyway, the people in this country are, without doubt, spectacular. Quiet, shy, helpful, honest, friendly.

Lynn and I are so used to living in the Toyota that scrambling for accommodation is a new and very frustrating experience. I hate it with a passion, Lynn see’s the funny, philosophical side (like losing more budgies?).

Eight more sleeps and we get the old girl back.

Bye for now.

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  1. Judy Veitch says:

    Hi, folks! I’m thinking you’ve probably hit summer school holiday time?
    That sure does sound expensive!
    The adventures continue… Have a wonderful time! (Just loving your stories, Alan ?)

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