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China: How do I describe it?

June 26, 2015 2 Comments
Border of Tibet

Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe the scenery

Beautiful one moment, frustrating the next. The scenery is spectacular, and I mean spectacular! Recently we have camped in some of the world’s most incredible places: beside a river and turquois lake, snow-capped mountains, Yaks grazing beside us… just a fabulous spot – one of our highlights.

Driving in China is quite different. Chinese drivers do not seem to be able to judge distance and do not have a sense of timing. Almost on a daily basis we come across situations on a 2 lane highway and 4 cars abreast at a passing point, everybody seems to make it by squeezing in.

Our guide Green has been a delight to be with. At times I think my driving worries her – I must try and tone the pace down a little to give her a more relaxed trip on her days with us in the Ranger. Green alternates between the 2 cars which is good, giving everybody a change.

Last night we camped at China’s 2nd largest grasslands. We arrived late afternoon and took a walk up a fabulous man made timber and steel walkway. This walkway must have cost millions. When we reached the top of the walkway (hundreds of steps) you could see right out over the Yellow river and vast grasslands for many kms.

Every day brings new scenery and places to visit. China has so much to offer and is a great place to visit. I must say Donna and I are really looking forward to Mongolia.

The Ranger has been incredibly reliable and doing the job I hoped it would. All the work we did on our car prior to leaving has worked out really well.

There is so much I could keep saying about China but I won’t bore anybody as Peter (5th wheel) and Alan have covered most of it in their blog write ups.

Today we hit 17,000 kms in a little over 3 months since we left. Fuel costs have varied, however not a lot of difference from home. I expect the costs will come down, then after Iran rise considerably on into Europe. We have travelled on some pretty ordinary roads and a lot of excellent roads since driving in China.

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    Everything sounds amazing very glad that you are having such a great trip can’t wait for the debrief when you get home xxx Di

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