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Controversy in the PMF Camp!

August 14, 2015 1 Comment
Towing Controversy in Mongolia

One of the alleged five tows – the Jury is still out

We have received notification surrounding the allegations of the towing of the Ford Ranger by the Toyota Landcruiser.

The controversy is:

One party states that the number of tows has been 5.

Another party states that the true number is 4. Apparently the alleged fifth tow should not actually be counted. The scenario surrounding this controversial fifth tow is:

Someone (he who shall not be named) left the lights of the Ford Ranger on overnight, flattening the battery. Upon discovering the flat battery, the Ford Ranger driver forgot to flick the auxiliary power switch which would have started the engine. The Toyota Landcruiser ‘towed’ the Ford Ranger for a moment… therefore… can this actually be considered a ‘tow’???

Let us know your thoughts…

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  1. Ken Johnson says:

    4-Nil or 5-Nil that’s a fairly overwhelming score. If it was a soccer game the result would be called a comprehensive victory. If we were talking about a baseball score it would be classed as a massacre. In towing terms-I would think a complete flogging and one small “contentious” event ain’t gonna change that Baz. If I were you I would be looking at some opportunities (skullduggery) to try and square the ledger.

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