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Exiting China

July 12, 2015 1 Comment

We are now on our last 6 days in China. The night before last night we camped in the Weichang Grasslands – a beautiful green undulating area in northern China. All around us were these massive wind turbines “wooing” all through the night. It was a little cool, but nice. Donna cooked up a great meal consisting of chicken breasts and vegetables in a gravy sauce – a full home cooked meal.

Yesterday we drove about 200km. At about the 60km mark, driving on a pretty good road, I hit a large gravel heap dumped on the side of the road. It was a bit like hitting a large rock… have done some damage to the front right suspension. This morning I will have to find a garage with a wheel alignment machine. I am hoping we won’t need parts, may have bent or broken a shock absorber.


5 hours have passed since commencing this blog write up. The car is fixed and drives straight and accurate again. Cost was 200 Yuan = $40.00 AUS. Bloody cheap considering another guy had a crack at fixing the issue yesterday, charged 200 Yuan and made it worse. Waiting for Taylors and Green to arrive so we can move on to the next location/accommodation.

Lijiastan Road

Lijiastan – one of many places we visited here in China

Alan, Lynn and Green went off to visit a lake while Donna and I stayed with the car while it was being fixed. Apparently Alan fell into the Lake (swimming prohibited by the way) MY guess he made a calculated mistake and fell in due to the heat of the day. I wouldn’t mind betting Lynn dived in after him as a rescue attempt to cool off herself. We shall see when they return.

Today is another 200 odd km drive further north towards the Mongolian/Chinese border. I personally am looking forward to getting to Mongolia.

Yesterday Donna and I stocked the car up on as much western food as possible, could not find any Vegemite though. I am tipping the food in Mongolia will be a bit off putting. The Taylors will eat anything so they probably did not stock up as much as us.

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  1. George Wisemantel says:

    Sounds fantastic and great adventure for you all as my best event is going to Crowdy Head whale watching (bet you won’t see whales in China)
    Can’t believe Barry has damaged his vehicle reminds me of his go cart days!!!
    Snow on Barrington Tops today keep enjoying your trip.

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