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First Days in Europe

May 31, 2016 2 Comments

We arrived back in Istanbul on the 28th May hopped in a taxi and went straight to Toyota headquarters. We were met by security staff – all good fellas – they waited back after their normal work hours so we could pick up our car.

We jumped into the car turned the key and bingo started 1st turn… unlike the old Land Cruiser as we were told by Umut. Mr Taylor had some issues as we understand it.

Turkish Cafe

Donna, Umut and some new friends we met on the Metro

We drove to the motel that we departed from last January and stayed 2 nights. On the 29th May we took the Metro into the old city to meet Umut. Umut took us all over the old city of Istanbul on the European side. Wow what a day! We walked all over the place, finishing the day in a bar on a rooftop overlooking the water. After many beers and a hamburger we decided it was time to negotiate the skinny stairs to the pavement. All 3 of us a little under the weather.

Umut is doing a Uni course on ancient history. His knowledge on the day was unbelievable. He was so informative and interesting. He spent the day with us showing off his old city. What a great day had by all. I gave Umut an All Blacks Rugby Jersey given to me by Pete Baumgart. Umut was blown away as he is an All Blacks tragic.

It was about mid night by the time we got back to our hotel staggered into bed, awaiting the next day.

Eventually we rose for the new day and packed up the car and headed off on our way out of Istanbul. We decided to camp beside the ocean at a place called Tekirdag, a nice little park on the water’s edge. Started setting up camp and were asked to move 100 yards – turned out to be a better spot. A couple of beers, cooked tea and off to bed at about 8.30pm… knackered!

Today 31st May we will head towards Edirne and go to a bank where we have been told we can get a Green Card insurance, also some money for a predicted fine to get us out of Turkey as did the Taylors when they exited the country.

Tomorrow we will probably cross the border into Bulgaria then head towards some co-ordinates given to us for our little surprise hidden in a tree. So far we cannot find anything missing off the car. Donna was sure the Taylors knocked off the Kangaroo off the bull bar. To her surprise and pleasure when we arrived back at our car the little fella was still strapped to the front.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Did Umut give you a copy of the Turkey Toyota Magazine, or is it all sold out?
    Don’t worry, we have a few copies in the back of the cruiser.
    If you’re in Croatia,go to Skradin , stay at a pension above the footy field. Best stay yet. Called Erceg (Don’t tell anyone). Glorious place.

  2. Barry says:

    Yes Lynnie we have a copy thanks. Interesting day yesterday on our witch hunt see our next blog for details. Great day had by all.

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