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Getting To The New World

July 29, 2016 0 Comments

We’re in Hamburg, having spent the last two days visiting customs, shipping agents and wharves. But now the Toyota is parked on the wharf, awaiting loading today, amongst the brand new twin turbo Mercedes AMG cars etc! It does look a sorry sight, slumped in the car bays, with all the shiny cars – but, who can be fussy. The ship leaves tomorrow, first stop Halifax, then New York, then somewhere further south in USA, then back to Hamburg.

Typing this blog, I am sitting in an apartment in the city precinct, compliments of a customs officer.

He saw our car outside the customs building, two days ago, we got talking and he invited us to his home! Later last night, much later, I offered rent and he refused, flatly, saying the time he had in Australia, the help he got, the fun he had, the co-operative people he met, it was the least he could do.

So, thank you Australia.

I think it worth mentioning that the shipping company gives you a list of “damage visible” to your car and you sign this list before you leave the site. I might scan ours, and put it on the blog! It’s two pages highlighting dents, scratches holes etc, on every panel!

All due to Lynn’s driving of course.

Hamburg is a wonderful city. Yesterday on three occasions we had people quietly come up and offer assistance. There’s lots to see, and that’s where we are going now.

So, I’m off.

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