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Home Again! Home Again! Jiggity Jig!

August 18, 2015 3 Comments

What a great break we have just had. We all flew home on the 12th August and surprised family and friends. Our eldest grandson Byron took the cake with the best reaction, almost ripping the front screen door off its hinges when he saw us. We fly back out on the 20th August and resume the trip.

Ford Ranger in shop

The Ranger is Missing her Dad

The cars are with a Ulaanbaatar local workshop, the owner and his staff have been fabulous. I must say the Ranger only needed minor repairs – in fact on $50.00 worth = 100,000 tughriks. On the other hand the old worn out Toyota Land Cruiser needed a massive 1,000,000 tughriks spent on it. Alan and Lynn really should look at getting a new Ranger. Now we have an explanation as to why the Ranger has had a minor bogging issue, it has no diff locks. So from here on in we will enter wet spots cautiously or at high speed. I am of the belief the Cruiser has worn out bearings and suspension issues and not make it to Portugal.

Well the lone Ranger hits the road again on the weekend with new installed dust vents to pressurise the rear canopy and adjusted suspension.

We are looking forward to seeing the Taylors again on Thursday 20th. I need to resume GPS lessons with Al and prepare for the next leg of the trip up into the north of Mongolia. A bit of luck Lynn’s legs will have healed ready for her next bungie jump out of her roof top tent. Next time Lynn, attach the bungie chord.

Before we leave Ulaanbaatar we will apply for our Kazakhstan visas then return approx. one week later to then head off the western end of Mongolia to enter Russia. My job then is to make sure Alan abides by the Russian/Mongolian laws and stays away from sensitive areas ie. like borders other than the designated border crossings. We have heard Russians shoot first then ask questions, unlike Mongolian military.

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  1. Elaine Wells says:

    Hi Donna and Barry,

    It was great to see you both and hear first hand some of your many great experiences. Your blog with all its wonderful stories and pictures makes us feel like we are part of your wonderful trip. Mongolia looks like a very interesting place and we are looking forward to the next part of the trip through Russia and beyond.

    Keep the stories and photos coming.

    Safe Travels,

  2. Rosemary says:

    You could turn this into a book!
    Glad that you are all alive and well, presuming Lynn’s self repair systems are working well and hope the visas arive.
    Autumn is coming on early here so hole it holds off for you in Russia.

  3. Noni and Nev says:

    HI Travellers was AMAZING to catch up…could have sat there for hours listening to the tale and looking at the photos…my heart still races at the thought of the loading of vehicles onto fishing boats……OMG…glad the shower pump has been repaired….
    look forward to next instalments…stay safe
    love the Waniora Crexxx

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