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Land Cruiser Leading

April 2, 2015 0 Comments

Sunday March 29

Alan loading the Landcruiser at Darwin

Alan loading the Landcruiser at Darwin

We’re 20 km north of Eliot in the Northern Territory.

It’s been cooler for the last two days’ travel and we’re in the bush again.
Barry’s Fazda has a shimmer somewhere in the car. I’ll go for a test drive tomorrow, but I think the score’s Toyota nil (problems) and Fazda one, even though I have a soft radiator cap, which I’ll change in Darwin.

Three days later and we’ve been in Darwin 24 hours and the cars are washed and ready to go to the container yard this arvo.

We watched the cricket final last night, having tasted a few too many beers.

Barry’s Fazda’s problem turned out to be a rooted universal joint, which he’d replaced at Katherine. He also replaced the other two, so the score is Toyota nil, Fazda three.

It’s not as hot or humid in Darwin as I expected and we’ve had time to post home some odds and ends we don’t need. We’ll stay in a cabin tonight, then fly out at 9.30 tomorrow, Tuesday. More beer tonight, I expect!

Our Land Cruiser did the Australian section faultlessly. I used the boost gauge from the turbo to keep boost at about 4 psi. I figured that kept the load down on the engine in the heat and headwinds and it helped: fuel economy was a good 13 l/100 km.

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