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Magnificent Croatia

June 28, 2016 0 Comments

Baska caavan park Croatia (4)I have been looking forward to visiting this country for years and it has not let me down. This country has it all from rugged mountains to turquoise waters. We have camped ever since we crossed the border from Montenegro over the last 5 nights.

4 nights ago we met Bernie and Wioleta. Bernie is a German and Wioleta is Polish. They live in Sweden. Bernie is a wind turbine maintenance technician. Wioleta works for DHL global couriers. Lovely couple and we have been traveling with these guys ever since. Tomorrow we will split up with us heading towards Italy in the north. Bernie and Wioleta will probably stay here in this beautiful auto park on an island called Krk in a village called Baska right on the Mediterainean Sea. We have just come out of the water from a refreshing swim in this crystal clear water. A few beers and cocktails on the beach then a nanny nap. Words just do not describe this place, we could live here.

We now plan on going to Rome, not looking forward to the traffic, however the Vatican and coliseum should be worth the visit. After Italy we will go to Switzerland and catch up with 2 lots of friends. After Switzerland off towards England, Ireland and Scotland.

Well adding up the last few countries: Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, Croatia wins hands down for scenery cleanliness, water quality, etc. etc.

Short and sweet blog today due to the relaxed and layback lifestyle here in Croatia.

It’s now Saturday 25th June and we ae just 250km out of Rome. Yesterday we spent the day in Venice. A really nice day on cruise around Venice, a Gondola ride in inner Venice, a beer or two and off back to our hotel some 8kms away by bus.

After Rome we will head down to the boot of Italy and drive the Amalphie Coast. Then up into Switzerland.

Bye for now Barry and Donna.

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