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The Great Canyon of Kazakhstan

October 8, 2015 0 Comments

Time for another write up.

Still in Kazakhstan and have just visited the Great Canyon. Turned off a main bitumen road, went in on a dirt track for about 10km. Boy what a surprise when arriving at the Canyon. Paid 3500 Tenge to enter the park. As soon as we drove in the scenery was spectacular. Driving down into the canyon entering every corner was a new surprise with balancing boulders perched precariously on top of rocky landscapes.

Charyn Canyon

Everybody breathe in!

One section we had to get the girls out of the cars to guide us through very tight tunnels of rock. We just fitted. If the cars were any higher we would not have been able to get through.

When we arrived at the Canyon we were met by a beautiful fast cold running river called the Sharyn river. We met one of the local managers (a very nice man) and asked if we could set up camp in a certain spot. All good, so we set up camp, had a couple of beers and ate dinner.

On the way in we met a New Zealand couple cycling from Greece to China. Great people! Had a couple drinks with them before hitting the sack at about 11pm. Next morning had a great lay day with a bit of canyon walking and generally laying about.

Left the next morning heading off to a new section of the national park about 200km away. Camping tonight in a dry creek bed 100 metres off the main road in a desert landscape. To our north are huge snow capped mountains. I expect tonight will be bloody cold.

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