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Thoughts on the Trip

April 19, 2015 12 Comments

Sunday, 19th April 2015

Barry Swimming off Atauro Island

Barry and Micky enjoying some deep water swimming

Arrived back in Dili to organise collection of cars.

Have some time to kill so thought this would be a great time to put my thoughts down in writing of what I feel this trip is all about and what it means to me.

About a year ago when Alan suggested the trip I did not hesitate and agreed it would be one hell of an adventure. Having said that I really had no idea what may lay ahead. At that stage I was unsure what Donna was actually thinking, and at the same time hoping she would be keen. As the prep work started on the paper trail and work on the car, Donna showed more and more interest and before long was as keen as I was.

Setting out from Port Macquarie and after all the good byes the trip began, heading north to Darwin. Lots of bush camping, flies and muddy swims along the way – on 29th or 30th we arrive at Darwin and were met by Pam and Max Pickworth. Great fun people we knew from Port Macquarie many years ago. Max and Pam looked after us, taking us here and there and eventually to get rid of us to the airport for the journey to Dili. A big thank you to these guys.

Arrived in Dili on 31st March and were met by Rina (a local lady). Stayed with Rina for about 7 days then caught a fishing boat to Atauro Island (as mentioned in previous blog write ups).

Boat Trip from Atauro Island

Boat Trip with new friends on Atauro Island

I must confess, if somebody had told me I would get sick of a lifestyle of white beaches, crystal clear water @ 26 degrees all the time (maybe warmer), 3 meals a day, a beer at random, snorkelling, etc. etc. I would have told them no way. You know, it only took a week of this before I got fidgety and wanting to do something or build something.

As we come close to getting our vehicles back in our possession I am starting to feel the challenge coming back on again. The last 3 weeks we have been spinning our wheels (so to speak), have seen some interesting things and experienced a lot and met some really nice people, however I myself – and I think I speak for Donna – want to get on with the next stage of the journey.

With some luck and Rina’s intervention we may be on the road tomorrow and head to the Indonesian boarder. If we don’t make the border we’ll camp some place on the side of the road.

Hope to catch the next ferry at a place called Kapung on Thursday. That will take us to the Flores (Indonesian islands to the north) then onto Bali, Java, Sumatra, Singapore and so on. Once in Singapore no more ferries.

Last night I had pizza with Rina and her daughter Silvia. Had some quality time with these guys (usually Rina is always on the run and very busy). Rina again offered her assistance in case we get held up at a border. Rina knows so many people in Indonesia and Singapore. This offer may come in pretty handy as we really don’t know when we will be stopped again over some paper document issue. We think we will be ok with our carnets and international driver’s licenses.

Atauro Island Highlands

Visiting the Highlands of Atauro Island

The trip to date has been interesting, challenging, very hot, humid, and frustrating with authorities and their paperwork. I guess this is why not a lot of people take this type of journey on. I myself have learnt to be patient and wait (not usually in my DNA).

Until next time,

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  1. George Wisemantel says:

    Hi to all sounds like you are having a great experience and escaped the crocs in Northern Australia and appears things are slightly different to Port Macquarie. All good here missed some really nasty weather that the hunter received shocking floods and lives lost in Dungog.
    Anyway have a great trip and will keep in contact as you progress.
    Regards, George & Di

  2. Glen & Jenny says:

    Hey you lot, missing you heaps here on Atauro Island. Hope all’s continuing to go well. Cheers n hugs, Jenn & Glen.

  3. Lyn Alex says:

    Hi guys, loving your travel blog, great to be able to follow you on your adventures. Great experiences so far and you have only just begun, maintain that patience Barry as I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges along the way!
    I look forward to your future updates, such an exciting journey.
    Lyn x

  4. Max & Pam says:

    Hi guys, sounds like you are all having fun. If “Hammerhead” didn’t leave the paperwork behind you maybe further on by now “Dumbo”. Anyway, great to hear your enjoying yourselves.

    Max & Pam.

  5. Grannie Annie says:

    Hey there hope all is going well still and that you are seeing loads of interesting “Stuff “.
    I have sent two messages before but they seem to have not gone through or are they deleted after a while ?.
    Weather here is finally on the mend which is good as the Iron man is on today and so far , no rain.
    Port has been v v lucky in being on the fringe of the North and southern bad bad weather.
    Hi to Alan and Lyn also.
    Is it worthwhile trying email as you may be able to pick it up somewhere and you may be surprised “Where .
    Stay well and safe and look forward to hearing you tales on your return.
    Xx Ann G

  6. Scotty & Trace says:

    Hey Baz, i have been following your blog, mate i am extremely jealous, its a funny place to explore with great people to meet, love it, keep us infomed

    take care,

    Scotty & Trace

    • Barry says:

      Hi Scottie & Tracey,

      We are currently stuck on the last island out of indonesia. Boy do we need another Rina at the moment. Been here almost a week after illegally arriving here on a wooden cargo boat just big enough for the car, have found another lady that may end up like Rina only thjis one will have to pay a pissy amount for.
      Glad you are enjoying the blog.

  7. Noni says:

    Hello dear neighbours-away,
    Lovely to hear the update…often wonder where you are on this great adventure…looking forward to the next instalment!!!!
    Safe travels. NNEAK!!!!

  8. David Pipes says:

    Hi Barry,
    Just read ‘your thoughts on the trip’ interesting writing, its good to put pen to paper so you yourself can look back at a later date on such an adventure.
    keep us up to date.
    Love to all you mad people.

  9. Jane and Grant says:

    Just wondering if you’ve written anything since 19th April cis if you have, we can’t find it! We’ve been on the road for 2 weeks free camping the whole time with friends from Brisbane. Currently near Blackwater and heading off tomorrow. Stay safe!

  10. Barry says:

    Yes more photo’s and write up on blog

  11. Harry says:

    Just bumped into you at the unlikely town Maerkeng in Sichuan, and I thought I was a bit of an adventurer. What a trip and what a dream adventure. Great luck with it all and I will follow your journey cheers Harry

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