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Waiting for the Land Cruiser and Fazda in Dili

April 8, 2015 0 Comments

Wednesday April 8

We’re still waiting for the Land Cruiser and Fazda to arrive on the ship. We’ve fixed most things at Rina’s home and tomorrow we’re going to Atauro Island, about 30 km north of Dili. We expect swimming, snorkelling, diving and beer. Three meals a day and a bed at $45 US each.

Tokay Gecko - some of the wildlife in Dili

Tokay Gecko – some of the wildlife in Dili

Weather, I think, is cooling some. It’s still hot, but more tolerable.

There’s no real rubbish collection here, so a lot of waste finds its way onto the streets and yards. Back home we Aussies pay $500 per annum to hide it and these people don’t have it. And they don’t have the concept of waste collection.

We’ve found a great swim spot at a beach at the east end of Dili. Coral bottom, sand beach, away from creeks and habitation of all types, so the water is delightful. There are salt water crocodiles around – I saw three or four from the plane on approach – but they don’t come to the beach. Apparently.

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