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Why the Silk Road for 2015?

February 7, 2015 5 Comments

China 2015 PMF Motor Challengeby Alan Taylor

When we first talked about driving the Silk Road, with my wife Lynn and close friends Barry and Donna Armstrong, the first question that came up was why?

The answer is simple but has a few different facets:

  • It’s a real challenge;
  • It’s achievable by most people – in that you don’t need to be a squillionaire to do it;
  • It’s something few people have done;
  • It’s a great 4wd experience; and…

It is travelling half way around the world without jet lag, at our own pace, with no time constraints and with unique opportunities to see things and meet people.

Lynn and I have travelled through the Middle East, including Iran, and enjoyed the people so much. We don’t have any qualms about Asia either.

Also spurring me on have been people saying we’re mad to try it!

Lynn said she’d be happy to come when I brought it up more than a year ago, but a week before we left, at a farewell dinner, she admitted that she’d said yes then because she didn’t think it would get off the ground!

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  1. Peter & Lois Dever says:

    Have been thinking of you both just found your site today 21st April keep well

    Love Lois & Pete

  2. Andrew Miedecke says:

    Hi there Lyn, Donna, Al and Barry, Rob told me about the blog so have just been on having a look. I tried to call you a month or so ago but no answer so I presumed you were on your way. The trip of a lifetime, Good on you all for doing it! Rest of us are just sooo busy doing the humdrum and there you are, driving along some road to a place none of us had heard of… Keep the diary up and photos too. I look forward to hearing the adventures on your return, whenever that is!

    • Lynn says:

      Thanks Pete and Lois, all well here, we’re in China now.Done 13000km, with a few issues, but I don’t need a floor jack yet.
      Travelling like this is great, you get to see the people and countryside in small slabs, so you can pick up cultural changes as you go along.
      Everyone here is keener to camp, rather than hotel.
      See ya later
      Alan and Lynn.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi guys. All ok here. Greece was great. Very interesting. You keep enjoying yourselves. Christine

    • Lynn says:

      Will do
      No gmail so am setting up alternative, VPN or MSN I think.
      Good to hear Greece was great.
      All well here.

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