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Fossilised Dinosaur Eggs and Vodka

July 30, 2015 1 Comment

Today 30th July we did our Russian embassy paperwork. The Russian guy was good to deal with. We banked the visa fee amount into the Russian account and will take the receipt back to the Embassy on the 19th August (it takes that long). In the mean time we head off south to the Gobi desert.

Mongolian Scenery

Amazing Scenery throughout Mongolia

Tonight we are camped on a farm just south of Ulaanbaatar. We set up camp at about 8pm, settled down and the property owner rode up on his Yamaha bike (spoke no English). He just sat there on his bike looking at us erecting our roof top tents. He seemed fine until Alan pulled out a pouch full of tent struts. The farmer’s facial expressions went from curious to shock horror. We worked out he thought Alan was pulling a rifle out. Once we showed him it was just tent struts he settled down and came over closer to see what we had in the vehicles then he rode off.

A few minutes later he re-appeared, and at that time a total stranger appeared from another direction. This guy was a bit shifty looking and later we found out why. About 15 minutes later and 3 to 4 Vodkas the shifty fella coaxed Alan over to his car to show him his reason for being here with us. He had 2 fossilised dinosaur eggs in his car with him and did not want the property owner to know he had them. He indicated he wanted $5,000.00 US for each egg. We looked at the eggs took some photos, shook hands, and said good bye to the Mr Shonk. Apparently it is highly illegal to trade dinosaur fossils.

The local farmer wanted us to go to his Ger (a round tent relocatable house) for dinner. We had a lot of trouble convincing the farmer we had all eaten earlier and were tired and wanted to hit the tents for a good night sleep. A couple more Vodkas and the farmer left. Alan, Lynn and Donna went to bed while I continued to write this blog up. Who should turn up again on his bike? Mr Bike man/farmer. As he approached I made out I was busy in the car. He called me out and gave me a Coke Bottle full of horse milk and indicated he wanted more Vodka. I filled my glass along with two more glasses for him and his mate he brought along with him. When the farmer was not looking I tipped my Vodka out and waited for the other two to finish and bid them farewell.

Until next time bye for now.

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  1. Judy Veitch says:

    What an adventure, Barry! I’ve heard lots of travel stories in my time but I think what you are all experiencing is often stranger than fiction and amazing ? Good luck with everything ??

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