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Poll Results – Toyota Collision in China

August 2, 2015 6 Comments

Well folks, here are the final results of the “Toyota Collides with Chinese Citizen’s Car” Poll.

You may have taken part in the poll… and to refresh your memory, here are the details:


“Following an incident in China where the Toyota Landcruiser (driven by the Hon. Alan Taylor) collided with another vehicle (see above image) the Police became involved in a dispute between the two drivers.

The Hon. Alan Taylor had to fork over 200 Yuan to the other driver to ease the situation and avoid an international incident. Who was actually to blame remains a contentious issue within the PMF camp.”

There were 28 votes in total and the results as to who readers considered responsible for the incident are:

The Hon. Alan Taylor as responsible: 21 votes (75% of voters)
The ‘other party’ as responsible: 7 votes (25% of voters)

Thank you to all voters! 🙂

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    If anyone wants to know the true story of what actually happened that day drop me an mail & I’ll give you the full unexpurgated details.
    There is no way the truth could ever be detailed on this blog!!!

  2. Ken Johnson says:

    Ha Ha, everyone knows Alan is never at fault-I’m on your side Al.

  3. Christine says:

    I can’t believe that Alan would have been at fault. Us Taylor’s do no wrong.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Fixed! Peter we need your email to get the Truth! Hope all is going well with you.

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