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Got the Cars Back!

April 25, 2015 0 Comments
Flores Volcano

Volcano in Flores

Monday, 20th April 2015

Have our cars now and on the road again off towards Kapung on the western end of West Timor (Indonesia) took 2 and a bit days drive to reach Kapung, camping along the way and cooking our own meals.

That afternoon Alan arranged a Police escort from down town Kapung to the ferry terminal, this was fun and exciting with 3 police motor cyclists waving cars and bikes out of our way to get us to the terminal. There we found out what we had to do the next day. On the night of the 22nd April we parked our cars in the front yard of a small local accommodation place on the bay shores of Kapung, had a bit to eat and hit the roof top camper for the night. The owner was a great bloke, I got on well with him once learnt he was an atheist.

Thursday, 23rd April 2015

Got up early the morning of the 23rd April to drive 15km to the Ferry Terminal. There we waited 2.5 to 3 hours to drive onto the ferry. A ferry to Larrentooka (The Flores) this was a 14 hour ferry ride from 3-pm till 5-am. We slept in cars, on cars, and under cars and trucks. Drove off the ferry and drove till we found a spot on the side of the road to get some more sleep. That morning (late) we headed towards a place called Ende on the western end of The Flores.

On our way to Ende we deviated to a place called Kelinetu National Park where we waked up a 3km road then 20mins of steps to view 3 magnificent volcano crater’s, the 1st crater full of sulphur and a deep brown colour 2nd a bright white coloured liquid crater which changes colour as the weather changes and the 3rd a deep green in colour all 3 of them full of sulphur liquid etc. We stayed the night in the national park in our campers had a game of volley ball with some local workers at the park. Drank some BinTang, ate a great meal cooked up by Donna and Lynn.

Saturday, 25th April 2015

Now today 25th April we are on the road again towards Ende, stuck at road works about 25km from Ende, been here about and hour so far, could be a long wait.

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