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Hello Flores!

April 25, 2015 0 Comments

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The ADF at Dili had invited us to the Anzac Ceremony, which would have been perfect, however, we lost two weeks pissing about at Timor Leste, so we moved out of Dili asap.

The drive through the Flores group has been awesome. Very, very hilly, winding and slow – second and third gear for four days, using 18 litres per 100km and averaging 35-40 kmh. It’s like driving up and down a mountain pass for four days. The views were stunning, although I don’t think  the photos do it justice.

Ferry Flores

Ferry from Flores to Sumbawa

This morning we jumped on a ferry to Sape, in Sumbaway Island. We’ll miss the Komodo dragons, but on the promise we’ll be back for a holiday in the future. I’ve found a surf area near Kupang, so it will be a great holiday when we get sick of being back at home…

The ship out of Flores, from the harbour at Labuan Bajo, was easy as. We’re on it now, ready for another three-day hilly drive.

We had a delay at Sape wharf, as there was a bigger ship parked in the entry point, so we waited a few hours beside the wharf.

We eventually got away at dusk and 25kms out of Sape we found a steep side road which led straight into a local cemetery, where we camped. Very quiet…

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