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Leaving Kazakhstan Entering Uzbekistan

November 2, 2015 0 Comments

Our last couple of weeks in Kazakhstan have been excellent. We have learnt how to drive to Kazak road rules and conditions and staying out of Police trouble, well sort of.

After the last episode of being pulled over (that’s Alan I mean) we made a pact to ignore the cops when they point their toy batons at us to pull over.

Yesterday 1st Nov we were driving along at the right speed 50km and I sort of missed a stop sign coming into a small village. I saw it a bit late and sort of stopped, but not quite. About 80 metres on were some of Al’s mates.

As I got closer to them one of the boys in blue came out towards the edge of the road pointing his baton at us, so I looked away towards Donna’s side with Donna lecturing me to pull over. I have always wanted to try this back home but never game. Anyway I went past with the cop apparently not happy says Donna. A few more kilometres down the road and Donna continuing with her education on traffic rules another cop attempts to pull us over. The previous cop must have radioed ahead to make sure they got us at the next checkpoint.

Well, the education went up a few notches as I drove past this fella who came running to the edge of the road waving his little baton blowing his whistle and yelling something or other. Donna commenced putting me through a Master’s Degree on how to conduct myself with Kazak Police. Al was behind us and was also directed to stop, he sort of went past a little then stopped and backed up.

Apparently all they wanted to do is check our passports, etc. Alan’s getting pretty good at getting out of sticky situations. We have a new agreement now: I create the trouble and he patches it up with his fluent multiple languages. I think the cops just get sick of his sales bullshit and tell him to move on, sometimes relieving him of some hard earned cash.

Last night we arrived in a small town near the Uzbekistan border to try our luck at a border crossing near Tashkent. We found some nice accommodation which had no restaurant so we booked in then went looking for food. We found a function centre close by. The manager (Alek) was there to greet us and help us park the cars, he welcomed us in. I think we ate left overs from a wedding that was going on next door. Alek started out being a comedian then turned into a bit of a sex maniac. We downed 3 to 6 vodkas and a couple of beers. Alek spoke very little English but was brilliant at sign language and hand signals (there is a name for this I don’t remember). As the night moved on he got totally obsessed with penises and the size of his. He was pretty harmless. After a while he wore off and we left, the food was pretty ordinary but overall a very funny night.

Today 2nd Nov: Earlier this morning we attempted to get through to Uzbekistan close to Tashkent. What a shit fight that was so we drove about 60 West to a more reliable crossing (we think).

Kazakhstan Entering Uzbekistan

One of the sights you see at the Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Border Crossing

As I write this blog we are stuck at the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan border trying to get into Uzbekistan sitting in no man’s land. Arrived at the gate to Uzbekistan about 3 to 4 hours ago. The girls walked through about 3 hours ago and are probably wondering where we are. I have no idea how long this process will take. We have been told the cars may be searched right through. If this is the case then we will have a pretty long evening ahead.

Uzbekistan appears to not encourage tourists into their country.

If we get through the border crossing tonight we will head into Tashkent and apply for our Turkmenistan transit visas tomorrow. We have been told this could be an even harder visa to get. Turkmenistan is even tougher than Uzbekistan – we shall wait and see. Another hour has passed and still no sign of getting over the border. It is now 6pm. I hope the girls have found some place warm to wait as it is bloody cold at the moment. These people don’t seem to give a rats how long people wait at the gates.

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