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Latest Overview from Princess Mumma Bear

November 6, 2015 6 Comments

An Overview of my thoughts in the last few weeks (from the diary of Princess Mumma Bear).

This is the first time in a very long time that I have been able to grab the computer off you know who. The only reason I can get it now is that we are staying in a hotel and have been here for a few days so he has had time to do what he needs to do. The reason for our stay here is we are waiting on Letters of Invitation and Visas to be sorted out for both Turkmenistan and Iran.

Barry and I arrived back into Russia to meet up with Alan and Lynn. It was a lovely reunion with lots of stories to tell from both parties.

My opinion of Russia is that the people seem very sober (and I don’t mean from Vodka). They don’t smile very much at all even if you smile at them. Mind you, why would you smile in this fricking freezing cold weather! Apart from them not smiling, once you make some conversation with them they seem quite friendly and interested in what you are doing.

The accommodation has been very varied indeed. Some little truck type motels that only have single beds (which in some cases you have to make yourself) and shared bathrooms and toilets. Other places are really fancy with over the top curtains and light fittings. The Russians seem to put a huge amount of effort into their interior designs.

The food is quite different to home of course. Breakfast especially is nothing like home. No morning toast, only bread. Lots of boiled eggs and pastries and left over cold veges from the night before in some of the places. At least we can get coffee even if they are the sachet type with milk.

The scenery is quite beautiful in places, with beautiful coloured trees lining each side of the roads. The housing is quaint with lots of blue painted shutters around their tiny windows. The contrast to our homes in Australia is extraordinary. We are such a lucky nation.

On the whole though I enjoyed the Russian people and would at some stage in my life like to see some more of Russia. I wouldn’t however come here in winter again. I value my fingers and toes too much.

Great Canyon Kazakhstan

The Great Canyon was… great!

Kazakhstan. Now this is a very interesting place. When we first arrived the terrain was bland and ordinary and quite uninteresting and then out of the blue there comes this beautiful gem of a place. A place called the Great Canyon. It was great in so many ways – size and definitely beauty. There have been photos sent through of it. I was very impressed.

The two men tell you most of the news items so it is pointless going over those. So from me it is just an overview. The Kazakhstan people were really friendly (except the police). It reminds me a bit of China as they all wanted to talk and take photos. The drivers also remind me of China, they are maniacs on the roads with also a lot of honking just like China. In fact there are quite a few things that bring China back to memory. The toilets ugh! Again some squats that leave a lot to be desired! They also have this funny little custom that you are not supposed to put your toilet paper in the toilet (no matter what sort of toilet, squat or sit on) you have to put it in a bin beside the toilet. Go figure! Can be not pleasant!

The people however, weird their customs might be, are beautiful and a pleasure to meet. Our car is becoming covered in messages from people who now ask to write on it.

We have also been in Kyrgyzstan for a while and now we are in Uzbekistan. Oh gosh, all these stans run into each other. They are all very much alike only this Uzbekistan seems to be a little bit more restricted than the other countries. For example you cannot make an international phone call on the hotel land line. Stuff like that. To buy beer is a lot harder, boy that hurts lol. The people are very friendly however and the hotel we are in is lovely.

Okay guys that is enough raving on from me. No wonder he doesn’t give the computer very often!

Hopefully there will be some photos to back up the fact that the princess has come down off her high horse and joined the masses. Love to all who follow our blog and a big thank you to all of you for taking an interest in our journey.

Donna (better known as Princess Mumma Bear).

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  1. Barry says:

    i declare that the land cruiser is a better car than my ford ranger, true.

  2. Ken Johnson says:

    Barry, put that Vodka away

  3. Ken Johnson says:

    or maybe Alan-get off Barry’s blog

  4. Glen & Jenny says:

    My goodness!! What a wonderful journey you guys are having. Keep safe and hopefully one day we can catch up again in person to hear more stories.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny & Glen

  5. Rosemary says:

    My goodness but you are all awesome people!

  6. Donella says:

    I don’t think anyone can ever call you a Princess again Mumma!! I cannot imagine there would be a lot of women out there that would do what you guys are doing!! You are a modern day explorer xxx

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